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Green Planning Collaborative will empower you to transform your organization, build collaborative strategies, and create sustainable outcomes. We specialize in knowledge building, connecting, and consultation. Innovation and creativity are our hallmarks. GPC is developing a number of unique tools and techniques to aid in developing and evaluating sustainability programs -- Sustainability Index, Sustainability Multi-Strategy Model (SM3), Green Cities (GCI) Index, Green Streaming, and 3rd Party.

Sustainability Planning Focus
GPC represents a consortium of planners, architects, and engineers focusing on sustainable and renewable energy solutions. Our expertise covers policy and strategic planning, environmental assessment, organizational change, in addition to multiple specialties. Our team assists government agencies, NGOs, green technology "start-ups", environmental consulting firms, and select airline and travel-related businesses.

GPC was founded in 2009 with offices in Boise, the San Francisco Bay Area, Newport Beach, and San Diego. GPC is also establishing a presence in the Seattle and Portland metropolitan areas. With a network of over 100 professionals, GPC is large enough to take on complex projects, yet small enough to provide the kind of personal services clients expect and consider integral to project success. Moreover, our "network" business model substantially reduces overhead, allowing us to offer high-level services at a very competitive price. 

GPC's interdiciplinary network focuses on a limited set of complimentary core pursuits. We are seeking to become the knowledge leader in sustainability planning. Our team's experience rivals that of many large consultancies, while at the same time, providing the advantages of a small practice--  administrative simplicity and streamlined organizational structure, niche expertise, agility and flexibility, cohesiveness and continuity, rapid response, and seasoned professionals affording your project high level attention. Moreover, we work toward sustainable solutions that are proactive and forward thinking, thereby helping organizations meet evolving challenges and position themselves as industry leaders.  

Sustainability and Renewables

A dynamic interplay exists between our socioeconomic systems and the natural systems upon which we ultimately depend. Energy, water, materials, food production, as well as transport systems all influence greenhouse gas emissions. Consequently, GPC approaches the challenges presented by climate change from a "whole-systems" and "multi-media" perspective and further, takes into account the human, or socio-psychological factors in crafting sustainable solutions. GPC's experts in water, renewables, and green planning and design work with municipal and private clients, as well as non-profits and community organizations to formulate strategies.
Knowledge Building, Networking, and Organizational Transformation Providing workshops and seminars to develop professional expertise, strategies, and networks
Sustainability Policy Planning, Green Power, & Energy Efficiency Strategies Providing policy planning and technology solutions to public agency, non-profit, corporate, and private clients
Environmental Studies and Third-Party Review Focusing on renewables siting issues, coastal/maritime issues, & mitigation strategies; independent EIS/EIR peer review; GHG & life-cycle analysis
Sustainable Watersheds Strategic watershed management planning for water supply, stormwater, and wastewater
Green Technology Governmental relations, communications, and marketing to facilitate renewable energy and green tech transfer and integration
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